We are pleased to invite you to submit your abstract for inclusion in the proceedings of HOTLAB 2022. Please submit your abstract by 20th June 2022 to hotlab2022@worldspan.co.uk

The technical session topics will be as follows for HOTLAB 2022, open for speaker and poster presentations: 

  1. Development of new shielded facilities and updates in latest shielding design  
  2. Management And Refurbishment of Ageing facilities and Hot Labs  
  3. Development of specialist remote handling equipment, and experimental set ups 
  4. Advanced Non Destructive/destructive PIE Techniques 
  5. Transport of Radioactive Material  
  6. Safety/Radiological requirements & challenges  
  7. Commercial presentations 

Submissions are welcomed on other HOTLAB appropriate topics.

Please download a template and guidance for submissions here.